• physical facility development to fulfill the present and future needs of the campus
  • professional competency development of the Campus faculty envisioning KMC as a University in future
  • To achieve academic excellence
  • To conduct research-oriented activities
  • To start market-based academic and professional programs as per the need of the community
  • To improve the management and organizational efficiency of the campus
  • extra-curricular activities to be made an integral part of education
  • Make a sound provison of scholarship for poor,backwards and indeginious as well as girls
  • To coordinate with the local government, financial institutions, industries for job placement
  • To develop the sense of responsible citizenship and voluntarism among campus students
  • To increase the feeling of ownership among stakeholders
  • To develop a realiable bond between the campus and its neighbouring areas
  • To foster financial sustainability through effective utilization of resources and their expansion