KMC is a community campus affiliated to the Purbanchal University, established in 2059 B.S. expecting to provide higher qualitative education. The campus has its own historical importance. The first literary symposium of Nepali Language was held in 2009 BS by Nepali Bhasa Pracharak Sangha. Swami Someswarananda was the first hermit to open the school informally for the local people.
The campus had been established in 2010 BS formally as a school. It has its own land of 499 ropani provided by Dharma Pd Dhakal, Krishna Lal Adfhikari, Devi Pd Uperati, Khadananda Adhikari, Devi Bhakta Upadhyaya etc. Late king Mahindra inaugurated the former school and it has been upgraded as higher secondary school in 2049 BS and it upgraded as Karfok Multiple Campus in 2059 BS.
This institution has produced well-known person, administrator, artist, politician, musician, athlete etc.