About us

Karfok Bidya Mandir Multiple Campus, situated in the Eastern part of Nepal with vivid geographical and climatic scenario got affiliation from P.U in the year 2059 B.S. It has already completed more than a decade and has been on a long academic journey facing various issues and challenges. Because of the deep interest of educationists, socialists, intellects and other citizens of this area, this Campus was established with a wide expectation of educational development. Along with the institutional developmental work it has been facilitating in different faculties with academic excellence. At present it has been running the faculties of management, Humanities and Education. With the approval of these faculties, the campus has been planning to meet the expectation of the students making them aware about the competitive market so that they can rationally place themselves for the better future progress.

Due to the globalization and need of globally competitive work force, current higher education must be qualitative. Various stages should be crossed and a number of academic, physical, technical and instructional reforms are needed for enhancing quality education. Considering this reality, this Campus is trying to engage itself in the process of QAA. This tracer study is also an important part of it to analyze and find the employment status of the graduates and their current status including their further academic excellence focusing on the powerful suggestive measures to face the issues and challenges existed in higher education. By this institutional effort, it is hoped that the campus is certain to set numerous feedback so that it will help to realize its social impact quality, standard and utilization of its product in the related fields.