Historical Background

Historical Background Karfok is at the altitude of 1616 meter. Its area is not very large. It started to become famous after a Saint Swami Someshworananda came here from Maipokhari in Ilam in about 1962 BS. The Saint was born in India at Gadhawal in 1869 AD. His father was Atmadhar and his mother was Punyawati. He was a learned Saint. He had visited many religious places in India and some in Nepal. The pupils of the Saint were Kashinath Adhikari, and Dilliram Dhungana at Yang. Kashinath was the Kharidar and Dilliram was the Dittha in Ilam Gaunda. They had made an effort to bring the Saint at Karfok. After the saint had left Maipokhari in Ilam, he went to Rameshwor for pilgrimage. After a year of the pilgrimage he had come to Karfok. According to the desire of the pioneer people here a meeting was called. In the meeting there were Karabir Thapa, The Captain, The Chief of the district of the time and the good hearted people of this area. They decided to establish a school at Karfok unanimously. Some kuties were built, cowshed were made to keep cows. A library was also established. There is a library at Karfok school and campus it is named after the Saint SwamiSomeshworananda. The Saint had got people to make PataiBhairab Cave (Gupha) for yoga. People started to come to the Saint at Karfok to learn new things. There used to be the worship according to Beda. The Education was related to Gurukul System. The Dhungana ar Yang had given land to establish school Kuties and cowshed. Gradually the other people in this area also gave land. Grains were collected as ‘Dan’. Many people had come here from distant places to learn. Father of Gyanmani Nepal, the academician had also stayed for some time for the education from the Saint. The Saint was a successful ‘Tantra Sadhak’ and famous at ‘yoga’ too. It is said that it was the Saint who had brought the broom grass here at Karfok. Now the broom grass has been the cash crop of this area and the eastern hil